Now Accepting Orders for 2018!
Now Accepting Orders for 2018!
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Classic Single Mum
Classic Single Mum
Classic Single Mum
Texas Traditions Mums

Classic Single Mum

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Our Classic Collection comes with Standard 7" Flowers (most other companies' upgraded option!) for a more traditional look! Customize your order by adding one of our upgrade packages!

Classic Single Mum includes:
1 - 7" inch flowers
1 - 6" Bear - Dressed in Bow & Premium Skirt
School Color Ribbons
Metallic Ribbons
2 - Specialty Ribbon
8 - Handmade Bows
2 - Spirit Ribbons w/ 6 Trinkets
1 - Large Bow in Head
Glittered Ruffle Around the Head
2 - Names on Flat Ribbons
1 - Homecoming Love Loop 
1 - Military Braid 

Customize your mum by adding Extras and Bling! You can add items individually to tailor towards your desired budget or add one of the discounted Upgrade Packages found below!
**almost all designs shown in pictures have extras added**

Add an Upgrade Package to Any Mum or Garter

Upgrade your Mum with Extras to add a "WOW" Factor!

Each Package also Includes the Standard TTM "Gold" Items Plus:

*PLATINUM PACKAGE - $25 Add On / $20 (Garter)
Plus: Custom Dressing for Bear, 2 Full and Fluffy Boas, Premium Single Layer "Homecoming" Cutout Ribbon, 1 Cutout Ribbon, Spray Glitter Finish, Extra Large Bow in Head, Premium Ribbon Around Crown, Mini Bling Package, 2 Premium Braids, Accent Color of Choice, 1 Activity/Sport

*DIAMOND PACKAGE - $50 Add On (Mum) // $40 (Garter)
Plus: 2 Custom Decorated Bears, 3 Layered Glittered Monogram, Premium Cutout Glittered Name Ribbons, Premium Double Layer "Homecoming" Love Loop Ribbons, 2 Extra Large Boas, 1 Cutout Ribbon, 4 Premium Braids, Full Bling Package, Lights, Accent Color of Choice, 1 Activity/Sport, Premium Ribbon and Tulle around Crown and in Base, Bling Chains, Large Premium Bows -- THE WORKS!!!!


*Please Note: TEXAS Sized Mums/Garters are Only Available with the Platinum/Diamond Upgrade Option due to the large size of flowers.

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