Now Accepting Orders for 2018!
Now Accepting Orders for 2018!
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Texas Traditions Mums


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TTM's Texas Collection is made with Jumbo 9.5" flowers - the largest on the market! These flowers instantly create a bigger and fuller garter perfect for a Junior or Senior.  Each comes with our standard items but can be customized by adding an upgrade package. 

Texas Single Garter includes:

1- 9.5 inch flower
1 - 6" Bear - Dressed in Bow Tie
School Color Ribbons
Metallic Ribbons
2 - Specialty Ribbon
8 - Handmade Bows
2 - Spirit Ribbons w/ 6 Trinkets
1 - Large Bow in Head
Ruffle ribbon Around the Head
2 - Names on Flat Ribbons
1 - Homecoming Love Loop
1 - Military Braid
1- Bandana


Customize your garter by adding Extras and Bling! You can add items individually to tailor towards your desired budget or add one of the discounted Upgrade Packages found below!
**almost all designs shown in pictures have extras added**

Upgrade your Mum with Extras to add a "WOW" Factor!

Each Package also Includes the Standard TTM "Gold" Items Plus:

*PLATINUM PACKAGE - $25 Add On / $20 (Garter)
Plus: Custom Dressing for Bear, 2 Full and Fluffy Boas, Premium Single Layer "Homecoming" Cutout Ribbon, 1 Cutout Ribbon, Spray Glitter Finish, Extra Large Bow in Head, Premium Ribbon Around Crown, Mini Bling Package, 2 Premium Braids, Accent Color of Choice, 1 Activity/Sport

*DIAMOND PACKAGE - $50 Add On (Mum) // $40 (Garter)
Plus: 2 Custom Decorated Bears, 3 Layered Glittered Monogram, Premium Cutout Glittered Name Ribbons, Premium Double Layer "Homecoming" Love Loop Ribbons, 2 Extra Large Boas, 1 Cutout Ribbon, 4 Premium Braids, Full Bling Package, Lights, Accent Color of Choice, 1 Activity/Sport, Premium Ribbon and Tulle around Crown and in Base, Bling Chains, Large Premium Bows -- THE WORKS!!!!


*Please Note: TEXAS Sized Mums/Garters are Only Available with the Platinum/Diamond Upgrade Option due to the large size of flowers.

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